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About Us

Musicians Helping Musicians

We are musician owned and want to help the Singer/Songwriter – Band – Musician that want to record a Single or CD and can’t afford those Big Studio Prices. Our studio and staff can handle your project from beginning to end. We have awesome trained musicians at our fingertips, so if your music is lacking that extra edge, we can maximize sound to the fullest. We look forward to working with you!


We want to make your recording experience and your music needs an easy one and use all the resources available to help furthur our fellow Artist and Musicians.

We try to go beyond just being a recording studio and to become a creative hub where artists, bands, songwriters, musicians and producers can realize their potential.

  • The artist is at the center of the process.
  • Experimentation requires artistic rigor.
  • The past inspires invention and innovation.
  • Collaboration activates growth.

Want to Record Your Own Hit?

We may be a small studio, but can help you acheive a BIG Sound!

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Meet The Team

Raul has been a working and Studio session drummer since his early teens. He has worked in music production/engineering for over 30 years. Drums , percussion, keys and vocals are his specialty. Raul has also produced incidental music projects for soap  operas and TV.

Kevin started playing bass in church at 13. He Played bass in jazz band all 4 years of high school. Kevin plays Bass, drums, and acoustic guitar. He has been playing bass for 26 years in Country, Gospel,  Contemporary Christian, Southern Gospel, Spanish Gospel, Jazz, Rock, Blues, R&B and Funk genres. Kevin has done hundreds of Studio session tracks as well as Back up vocals, and occasional lead vocals.

Brent has played guitar for 40 years. Worked as a Session player in several studios around Texas and Nashville. Genres being mainly Country, Southern rock, Classic rock, some Easy listening, Contemporary Christian and Gospel. He had to turn down a couple of road jobs (Ray Price and Edrick Ray) back in the early 90’s due to being married with kids at home. Toured with a couple of Christian-Country and Contemporary-Christian groups. Started as a mix engineer about 15 years ago.

The dutch Raymond van Melzen started playing music in the early eighties with his brother. Recording projects were experimental crossovers between punk and krautrock. In the nineties these projects distilled into a progressive rock/new wave band. From that point Raymond joined multiple bands as a keyboard player and singer. In 2014 Raymond stopped playing live to dedicate himself to recording / producing a solo album and production engineering.

Rocky has been playing guitar some 40+ yrs. playing from several different genres of music to include Country, swamp pop, Cajun, Blues, Southern rock, Gospel and easy listening. He has opened for and Shared the stage with Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee,  Hank Jr., Boxcar Willie, Lynn Anderson, Merle Haggard, T.G. Sheppard,  Miranda Lambert, Susie Lucshinger, Jerry LaCroix and many more.  Rocky toured and played for Country Artist Johnny Rodriguez (17 #1 Country Hits).
The most famous person he has played for is Jesus! – Rocky Coward

Jason Michael

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