About us

3D-Outdoors started out as a world class wildlife art studio doing taxidermy work,
having to do all our own advertising, doing our own web, graphic and business card design.
As the years went on people would ask if we would design and build them a website.
We have learned everything we know on our own and have done so for many customers. As the years went on we were doing custom paint & airbrush when it was discovered I had Brain Cancer. After undergoing a major Brain surgery (which was 8 hours long) at the BEST Hospital in the world (M.D. Anderson) which I owe my life and thank God for, I underwent 2 months of radiation on my Brain. Now spending most of the day and some nights
twiddling my thumbs I have turned back to the computer as my companion and doing some design and web building. I am confident and am eager to earn your trust in helping take your business and giving it web presence.
Contact us anytime to  discuss your needs.

Thank you!